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Rhea Nowak
Hampton, CT

My work involves ideas of continuity, chance and change. Some of the sources I draw from are current scientific theories, Buddhist philosophy, and musical composition. The tactile qualities of the materials and processes I use effect how I use them. The mixed media books begin as two or three large drawings developed concurrently. Theses are then torn down and reassembled as a single book, according to rhythms and repetitions, contrasts and connections in and between these new smaller sections. Most, sometimes all, of the marks in the book-works are writing. Writing allowed to return to its origins in mark-making and intension. Horizontal and vertical it is woven, an on going conversation, as language is how we weave our worlds and the stories of our lives. I am intrigued by the relationships between clarity and chaos, rhythm and awkwardness. Physicists have come to the realization that the tiniest particles, of which everyone and everything is made, are not particles at all. Matter is made of patterns of probabilities of interconnections.

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