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Karen Bell
New York, NY

The natural environment has been my source of inspiration for many years. As a photographer, I initially viewed the natural world in traditional formats – specifically gelatin silver prints. I then moved on to color prints, and have now incorporated digital technology. The photographs were always viewed as prints – 2 dimensional objects placed in a frame, hung on a wall. That began to change in 1999 when I started to create artist books. Continuing to work only with photographs, I experimented with a wide variety of papers and styles, as an alternative expression of the natural world as I experience it. I have been working with folded archival inkjet paper for several years, printing on 2 sides, often with opposing photographic imagery, generally using a single sheet of paper. Using multiple images, all landscape based, I continue to investigate new ways of interpreting the definition of “book”. Recently, I began shaping the paper into triangles, with each exterior side representing an alternate view of the same subject. The inside image is heavily manipulated in Photoshop, often creating a sense of motion. The inside images, as viewed from the top, implores you to look further, to see what else is there.

Karen Bell's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts
Celebrating Artist Members: 30th Anniversary Members Exhibition
 Organized by Roni Gross, Artist.
Central Park
(2005) Digital photos, scanned fabric on double-sided matte inkjet paper

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