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Leah Oates
Brooklyn, NY

Transitory Space (Finland, one of a kind artists' book, Set of nine books)
flat back hardcover book, archival digital photography on Rives Lightweight


Transitory Space (Newfoundland, one of a kind set of 5 books)
saddle stitch binding, archival digital photography on rag paper
8" x 10"



The work I create first originates as a response to ignored or lost space that is in a continual state of change. In everyone there is a sense of flux and a familiarity with this type of space physically and emotionally. Transitory spaces have a messy human energy which is always in the present yet constantly changing and they are temporary monuments to the ephemeral nature of human existence.


Leah Oates is a Brooklyn based artist who has had eleven solo shows at venues including Real Art Ways, A4L Gallery, Sara Nightingale Gallery and the Sol Mednick Gallery at the Philadelphia University of the Arts.

Oates has been in over one hundred group exhibitions around the world at venues including Flux Factory, Storefront for Art, Proteus Gowanus, Nurture Art Gallery, Shore Institute of Contemporary Art, Elizabeth Heskin Contemporary, Gallery Aferro, Metaphor Contemporary Art, and internationally at the Royal Scottish Academy & Open Eye Gallery in Scotland, Open Studio Gallery in Toronto and Galerie Joella and Turku City Art Museum in Finland.

Leah Oates's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts

Leah Oates: Transitory Spaces
 Organized by Alexander Campos, Executive Director
PANDURA booklets
(2001) CollageSaddle stitch binding, archival digital prints on rag paper
PANDURA Strip Vermont
(2001) C-prints
(2000) Digital collage on Rives Lightweight
Paradise Durations
(2001) Digital collage on Rives Lightweight
Transitory Space-Beijing, China
(2009) C-prints
Transitory Space-Chicago, Illinois
(2007) C-print
Transitory Space-China&Newfoundland
(2009) Saddle back binding, archival digital prints on rag paper
Transitory Space-Newfoundland
(2006) Saddle back binding, archival digital prints on coated paper
Skipping the Page
 Organized by Graham Parker, Independent Curator and Artist
Paradise Durations
(2001) Digital collage on Rives Lightweight
Paradura- Vermont
(2002) Edition 1, digital photography on Rives montage, flatback
Transitory Space- Chicago Electric I
(2007) C-print
Transitory Space- Chicago Electric II
(2007) C-print

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