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Patricia Malarcher
Englewood, NJ

I am interested in artist books as structures, sequences, and accumulations of visual information. I am also interested in using contemporary materials to create luminous surfaces evocative of Medieval manuscripts and other ritual objects.

My current series of "Illuminated Pages" consist of printed cultural data and miscellaneous scraps of paper, thread, and fabric in random occurrences. These are laminated in plastic and sewn into pages that become building units. The final construction is tenuous but strong with the elements in interdependent relationships.

Patricia Malarcher's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts

Economy of Space
 Book Arts under four inches
A Piece of the City
(1987) Cloth pouch, with xerox transfer pages, collage and marker.
Lumen Urbis (Series of 3)
(1987) Cloth pouches containing tags, with xerox transfer, collage and marker.
Silence (L) & Silence ( R)
(1991) Ready-made note books with cut-out.

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