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Christa Wolf
Burdett, NY

Christa Wolf was born in Germany. She studied art and printmaking in Berlin, Germany and at The School of Architecture, Art and Planning at Cornell. In My Garden I and II is inspired by her current living place: a farmstead with vineyards in Upstate New York. Christa uses different printmaking techniques as Intaglio, Lithography, Screen-printing and Monotyping to explore experiences that tie together personal and public memory. Her work, which includes installations and artist books, has been shown nationally and internationally.

Christa Wolf's work appeared in the following exhibition(s) organized by The Center for Book Arts
Fun & Games (and Such)
 Organized by Alexander Campos, CBAs Executive Director and Julie Chen, Artist
Kinder Verse
(2008) Handwriting (1/4)
Black/White [and Read]
 Organized by Gloria Helfgott, Artist and Independent Curator
(2006) Artist Book, Etching, Asian Paper, Black Handmade paper, string, foam button
White Noise
(2007) Artist Book, cut outs on vellum
Textiles/Fibers/Threads: The Book Show
Quilt Memory
Four etchings, board, quilt, handmade paper

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