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You may order Center for Book Arts Exhibition Catalogs, back issues of  Book Arts Review, other Center Publications, and Artists' Books. The Center for Book Arts Poetry Chapbooks are also available, as well as books by the poets who are the judges of the annual chapbook competition.. 

Call 212-481-0295 to place an order. We accept VISA and MasterCard. This year we plan to add online ordering to our website.

The Altered Page    $20
An exhibition of selections from the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry. The background of these artists' and poets' works were grouped into seven categories of verbal/visual alterations: 1. Hidden Meanings, 2. Cancelled, 3. Cut, Torn, Crumpled, Perforated, 4. Fragmented, 5. Layered, 6. Sculpted, 7. Sewn and Woven. The Artwork represented in this show breaks the barrier of traditional books, artists' books and even the two-dimensional page. Illustrated. 30 pp. Introduction by Marvin Sackner. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery. February 6 - March 26, 1988. 
Photo at right is a page of the catalog. Click on it to see more.

The Anthropomorphic Book    $3
This exhibition contains the art of fifty-five artist members of the Center for Book arts whose works explores the relationship between the book and the human body. All of the books somehow refer to the human body in the use of image, shape, materials, or content. The exhibition reveals a diversity of new artistic approaches to an age-old subject and includes both traditional and contemporary book formats. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery July 1 - September 10, 1994.

Beautiful Beasts, 1997, $5

Bookworks London     $3
A group show of contemporary British book artists. Book Works was founded in London in 1984 to promote the work of artists using the book form as their medium of expression. The gallery provides a unique venue for work in this field, and has been instrumental in encouraging artists to experiment and explore different ways of using book forms. All the artists in this exhibition have had a close and consistent relationship with Book Works since its inauguration. The founders of Book Works considered the Center for Book Arts inspirational in their conception and development of the organization, and this connection adds to the importance of their presentation in the Center for Book Arts Gallery. Co-sponsored by the Toledo Poets Center and the Ward. M. Canada Center with the assistance of the British council. Illustrated. 22 pp. On view at the Book Arts Gallery April 2 - May 9, 1987.

Bookworks by Tom Phillips    $10
Curated by Richard Minsky, this show of Phillip's original manuscripts and small editions bridges the boundary between book arts and artists' books. It included 37 works by the London artist from 1970 - 1986. Illustrated. 50 pp. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery April 3 - May 16, 1986. 
photo at right is an illustration from the catalog.

Center for Book Arts: Celebrating 15 Years     $1
An exhibiton of new works by artist members that encompasses "all aspects of the book arts and allied media." This show presents a wide cross-section of artists with highly divergent attitudes towards the genre. 14 pp. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery and The Cooper Union in New York November 11 - December 6, 1989. 

The Contemporary Ex-Libris, $20

Coptic and Collage, 1997, $15

The Effects of Time    $3
An Exhibition of Books before 1600 with Artwork by Insects and Rodents, Mangled by Bookbinders and Dealers, etc.
Curated by Leonard Hansen and Richard Minsky. One of the great fascinations of old books is their history as artifacts. When we look at books that are hundreds of years old we see marginal notes from many readers, burnt holes which may have come from cigar ashes, manuscript replacements for missing text, and many other indications of where the book has been and what hazards it has survived. This exhibit documented early books and book fragments affected by humans, insects, vermin, and the physical or chemical environment. Illustrated. 24 pp. Contains an essay by the curators. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery September 18 - October 17, 1987.
photo at right is an illustration from the catalog.

The First Decade: Center for Book Arts   $15
An exhibition held at the New York Public Library celebrating the first 10 years of the center's existence. The exhibit included 132 works by 112 artists. The exhibition was not intended as a retrospective, but rather as an overview of traditional book forms, paper arts, bookbindings, and art works based on, or alluding to, book forms. Introduction by Frances O. Mattson, curator of Rare Books at the New York Public Library. Illustrated. 56 pp. On view September 7 - November 19, 1984. 
hoto at right is the catalog cover

Geometry & New Math, 1996, $2

Gary Frost-Explorer of Book Structure and Action, 1997, $25

Gerard Charriere: Fine Arts Buildings, 1982, $10

Grimm & Grimmer, 1996, $3

Harry Duncan: Fifty Years of Fine Print   $2
An exhibition of publications from the Cummington Press and Abattoir Editions. Curated by Steven Clay of Granary Books. Illustrated. Pamphlet folded. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery September 15 - November 4, 1989 and at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts December 9, 1989 - February 14, 1990.

Hedi Kyle and Her Influence 1977-1993   $3
An exhibition featuring works by Kyle and over 20 contemporary book artists that have been inspired by Ms. Kyle's unique and creative bindings. Essay by Brian Hannon. Illustrated. 8 pp with paper structure in center. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery October 1 - November 27, 1993.

Inky Fingers: Works By Small and Fine Presses  $3
Includes books printed in a limited, signed edition of less than 500, employing letterpress printing, archival rag papers and archival bindings. Other works focusing on unique physical structures, typography, or unusual materials are also included. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery April 8 - June 17, 1994.

Jean de Gonet     $5
An exhibiton of 45 works by innovative French bookbinder, de Gonet. According to Jan van der Marck in the introduction, "Innovation is a radical attack on the continuity of thought and action that distinguishes culture and informs tradition. There are two ways in which to detect it: by deduction and induction. The former requires that we search for a break in an evolving stylistic configuration much as we would for a stoppage of leak in a pipeline. The latter proceeds by the intuitive recognition of a sea change and the ability to pinpoint evidence from clues. At first blush, de Gonet's ingeniously crafted or industrially produced covers resemble the lid of a rolltop desk or the dash of a racing car. These unsubtle clues that somebody is playing hard and fast with the bookbinder's tradition are the unchallengeable evidence of innovation." Illustrated. 28 pp. On view at the Center for Book Arts, May 16 - June 16. 1987. 

Latin American Book Arts, 1995, $5

Masters of the Craft, 1994, $2

Mysterious Worlds: Bookworks by Artist Members, 1996, $3

Out West,  1998, $5

Paper, Art, and The Book, 1996, $3

Soviet and Subversive Books from Russia, 1994, $3

Spin ½, John Eric Broaddus     $10
An exhibition curated by Ruth A. Ely. The catalogue contains multi-colored silkscreen images with an introduction by Jan van der Wateren, the Chief Librarian of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Die-cut pages. Includes listings of works and collectors of Broaddus. Pamphlet binding with endsheets and paper wrapper. Housed in matching envelope. On view at the Center for Book Arts June 7 - August 31, 1990

This Day in History, 1995, $4

Willem Sandberg: From the Netherlands  $10
This exhibition presented the work of the typographer and book designer, Willem Sandberg (1897-1984). the outstanding characteristic of Sandberg's design is its vitality. Time has not diminished its impact, rather we now see more clearly his inventiveness and variety. Sandberg delighted in playing off the severe shapes of type against collage, torn paper, and objets trouvés. His pamphlets, books, catalogs, and posters combine colors, languages and typefaces in a dazzling display of imagination. Introduction by Gunnar A. Kaldewey.  Illustrated. 32 pp. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery May - June 1988.
photo at right is an illustration from the catalog.

Works by Timothy Ely and Hedi Kyle    $2.00
An exhibition of works by Ely and Kyle showcasing Ely's skill in bookmaking and drawing and Kyle's innovative book structures. Illustrated. Pamphlet folded. On view at the Center for Book Arts' Book Arts Gallery September 11 - October 17, 1986.

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Proceedings of The First National Conference on BOOK ARTS IN THE USA  $20
This conference was held at the New York Penta Hotel on March 31 and April 1, 1990. It brought together representatives of the major book arts organizations in the United States for the first time. Introduction by Richard Minsky, with addresses of participants, list of exhibitions, and transcripts of lectures and poetry read during the conference. Spiral bound with vinyl covers.

Poetry Chapbook Competition Winners

Terri Witek
Courting Couples
Letterpress printed by Max Koch
Edition of 100 signed and numbered

Donald Platt
Leap Second at the Turn of the Millennium
Letterpress printed by Russell Maret
Edition of 100 signed and numbered

James Haug
Fox Luck
Letterpress printed by Carol Sturm
Edition of 100 signed and numbered

Judith Vollmer
Black Butterfly
Letterpress printed by Barry Magid
Edition of 100 signed and numbered
90 copies bound in Beckett Ridge wrappers $50
10 deluxe copies in boards $110

Andrew Kaufman
Cinnamon Bay Sonnets
Letterpress printed under the direction of Russell Maret
Edition of 100 signed and numbered

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Poetry Chapbook Competition Judges

Rachel Hadas
Two Poems
Letterpress printed by Barry Magid
Edition of 100 signed and numbered

Eavan Boland
Letterpress printed
Edition of 100 signed
1/75 copies in Rossi medieval chant wrappers $50
1/22 specially bound by Malachi McCormick $100

Gerald Stern
Last Blue
Letterpress printed by Dim Gray Bar Press
Edition of 75 signed

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Animals on Wheels, Stephanie Krause, 1995, $250

Black Butterfly, Judith Vollmer, 1997, $45 soft cover, $100 hard cover

Book Arts Review, $1.50/each, $10/bundles of eight

Cinnamon Bay Sonnets, Andrew Kaufman, 1996, $25

CXVI: W. Shakespeare, 1995, $30

Dance Etiquette, Alice Simpson Design, 1999, $5

The First Score, 1980, $20

Fox Luck, James Hang, 1998, $25

Japanese Papermaking, Timothy Barrett, 1983, $29.95

Love in a Life, 1994, $25

We Would Lie on the Air, 1987, $45

What the Body Remembers, 1994, $11.95 or $48.00 for the limited edition

Women of Color/Building Bridges Between Resources and Needs   $3
This book was based on a conference entitled "Women of Color: Building Bridges Between Resources and Needs" held in October of 1985. It presents resources for women, organizing advice, technical assistance, a discussion of leadership skills an poetry by women. Illustrated. 25 pp. A publication of the National Network of Grantmakers, 1986.

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